TerraCycle Recycle-Programm

BIC, der weltweit größte Hersteller von Kugelschreibern, schließt sich mit TerraCycle - einem Pionier des Upcycelns und Recycelns - zusammen, um Stiften ein zweites Leben zu schenken. Freiwillige „Sammelteams" haben in Schulen, Kindergärten und Kindertagesstätten die Möglichkeit, Schreibgeräte und Korrekturmittel zu sammeln. Anstatt wie bisher im Restmüll zu landen, werden die leeren Schreibgeräte anschließend recycelt. Durch das von BIC gesponserte Programm können alle Schreibgeräte und Korrekturmittel, egal, ob von BIC® oder einer anderen Marke, zu neuen nützlichen Produkten wie Stiftehaltern, Mülltonnen oder Gießkannen recycelt werden. Mehr...

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Greenwashing Index
Greenwashing Index
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  • Green-Consultant
    It's a Dutch ad. It's all about getting knowledge workers out of their cars and traffic jams. I'm anxious to know how you rate our initiative. Green-Consultant aims at more than 20% reduction of commuting, enhancement of mobility, work at home if possible, neutralized Carbon footprint through decrease of mileage & 100% Gold Standard compensation. Enhancement of labor productivity through 50% paid for labor in First Class Public Transport.

  • Nissan Leaf
    Disappointed - Electric cars have an impact on the earth too. Where does the electricity come from? Coal-fired power plant? Even solar panels and windmills aren't made from pixie dust, there was a lot of mining that was required to build them.

  • Man Eating Sugar. NYC Health
    I applaud NYC Health for their creative ad that reveals the truth behind consuming sugary beverages on a regular basis. In contrast to most soda ads, which portray thin, healthy, and happy people drinking their caloric sodas, the NYC Health ad exposes the truth that is covered up by the thin facade of these soda ads. The NYC Health ad does this with humor and grace. Well done. Please share this video with as many people as possible. Spread the truth.

  • Big Red Truck TV spot for Coca-Cola Canada
    Greenpeace's greenwashing campaign says: Clean up your act, not your image. Coca Cola is a master of image. Coca Cola tries to present its Corporate Social Responsibility side in its latest Big Red Truck Live Positively campaign. Water is blue gold. The privatization of water and other resources encourages a lack of accessibility to all income levels. Dasani uses 2x the amount of water to make/recycle the plastic bottle as to fill it. Even if bottles are made from 30% plant material, planting trees is not enough to clean the waste from making or shipping the bottles. For the sake of their own health, consumers need to use stainless steel water bottles, boil and filter their own water and do everything possible to prevent water pollution, not just donate to environmental organizations like the WWF. Coca Cola needs to have a green fleet of big red trucks if they really want to talk about environmental responsibility and delivering sustainable happiness for future generations. If Coca Cola, food/beverage industry leader would convert all big red trucks into a green fleet: that's all I want for Xmas.

  • Fair Trade Packaging
    Full Disclosure - this is a video prepared by our company, Distant Village (DV). DV was founded in 2000 to create high quality fair trade products to alleviate poverty. Our designers create new packaging concepts for brand owners of authentic consumer products (organic chocolate, natural foods, fair trade gifts). We produce all these items with fair trade communities, and as you can see in the video, follow a 3BL sustainability business practice. Rich Cohen Founder Distant Village, Inc.

  • SuperS "Global Formula engine coolant" - product packaging
    *This picture is of an actual product, and not an advertisement for this product* The part of the packaging that sticks out like a sore thumb is the "Advanced Global Formula" logo in the upper right corner of the bottle. Ironically on the bottom of the bottle it clearly states that the product can be harmful or fatal if ingested because of the chemical ingredients. I don't think they intend the use of the word "Universal" as a greenwashing term, but rather that the coolant is universal for many types of engines. It's the "Advanced Global Formula" w/ the icon of the world that makes this product packaging a greenwash in my book. There is nothing on the rest of the package that makes a claim of how the product is less harmful than other coolants on the market.

  • Nissan Leaf - online ad
    This is one of the better online "scrolling /rollover with a mouse" ad that I've seen. The ad doesn't make you go to their website for the disclaimer on how the Nissan Leaf is gas-free, but gives you in the info when you roll over it with your mouse. The original ad has a 3rd screen that shows the Leaf in comparison to other electric hybrids from other manufacturers with the Leaf having the lowest potential impact because it is purely a plug-in, and doesn't have emissions from gasoline. The name "Leaf" in itself is a bit of a stretch though because electricity is not made from magic.

  • Garnier Fructis - Pure Clean shampoo & conditioner
    I think that this ad is honest and not trying to reach too far. They are specific about how much of each product is biodegradable (92-94%) rather than just saying that the products are biodegradable. As long as I can remember Garnier has always used green colored bottles, so I like that this isn't a switch to make the product "look green." They also seem to be promoting the product as a natural & effective way to take care of your hair, and not only implying that using this shampoo will save the earth.

  • Style & Conscience
    This is a product that is truly socially & environmentally conscious. They are using recycled leather to create the entire product, producing locally, and making the bags to order so that there is no excess inventory. Plus there is a hefty donation (about 14% of sales) to The S.W.A.P. Team, a nonprofit that organizes events that help to recycle clothing.

  • Let's Go: Guitar
    While the ad is certainly well-produced and humorous, the voiceover discussing Shell's activities is misleading. Shell has had many issues, especially in Nigeria (where much of it's natural gas products come from.) I think that by using the imagery of a child playing guitar, Shell is effectively ignoring social and environmental issues associated with it's practices around the world.

  • Taco Bell: Seasoned Beef Quality Story
    Taco Bell has faced some tough scrutiny after a lawsuit was filed claiming that their seasoned ground beef did not have enough actual beef in it to be labeled as such. In a response, a TV ad has been released by Taco Bell explaining that their beef consists of 88% "premium ground beef" and 12% signature recipe. In the ad they say if you want to see that signature recipe go to tacobell.com. What they don't tell you is that this 12% signature recipe includes Maltodextrin, Autolyzed Yeast Extract, Caramel Color, Silicon Dioxide, and Sodium Phosphates. This ad is misleading in the sense that it implies that the signature recipe is full of good ingredients and not a list of chemicals.

  • Pure Clean
    Recently Garnier Fructis aired their new "Pure Clean" ad campaign. When I originally watched the spot, it was the short version that claimed how pure, clean, and green the product was. It wasn't until I searched it on Youtube that I found the full version that includes why it is "pure clean" and green supposedly. Part of the major greenwashing in this spot is that the short version removes the very few details behind the reasoning all together.

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