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Alternative Antriebskonzepte sind im Kommen. Ob Hybridmotor, Gas oder Elektroantrieb, die Entwicklungen werden mit Hochdruck vorangetrieben. In Deutschland haben die Hersteller den frühzeitigen Einstieg verschlafen. Bis serienreife Fahrzeuge mit alternativen Antrieben zur Verfügung stehen, vergeht noch einige Zeit. Der Hybridmotor z.B. von Toyota gibt es bereits seit 10 Jahren, weltweit sind andere Technologien und neue Designkonzepte verfügbar - Trendwatching stellt eine Auswahl vor. 

Zeo (Zero Emission Operation) concept car, the Chevrolet Volt, the Loremo… Oh well, you get the point. But ECO-ICONIC isn't restricted to flashy or  big: the market is witnessing an 'innovation overload' in smaller, funky looking electric, hybrid, trybid and what have you cars. In  a city near  you (soon):


Myers Motors all-electric  NmG (No More Gas) has a ange of about 30 miles and can be fully recharged in six to eight hours on any standard 110-volt outlet. The fully enclosed,  single-passenger  vehicle  sports  two  front wheels and a single drive wheel in the rear.



Designed in California and manufactured in India, GoinGreen's G-Wiz electric cars are a hit in London, where the company has sold over 1,000 units, making London he electric car capital of the world.

The Subaru R1e is a battery-electric micro car undergoing development. Subaru hopes to start selling the car to consumers in 2010.



The all-electric version of the Aptera is priced at about USD 27,000, and will go 120 miles on a charge. Its jetshaped appearance is nothing short of, well, iconic ;-)


Another zero-emission car with iconic potential is the Mitsubishi iMiEV, first exhibited at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show last September. From the brochure: "The 'fastback' exterior design expresses the quickness of the car with an appearance that is pleasing and lively." The iMiEV's
release date in Japan might be moved up to 2009 (from 2010), with 1,000 vehicles possibly ready for sale at EUR 17,000 (USD 24,800) next year.



Volkswagen's diesel-electric hybrid version of their Golf hatchback. Whatever you do, on't make it look like the old, polluting version of what you've been doing. This may have made sense a few years ago, when hybrid meant lower performance and less coolness, but those days are gone. But these days, wners of a 'hidden' hybrid simply miss out on a big hunk of 'status'. Oh wait... Volkswagen just canceled



And let's not forget eco two-wheelers: check out Suzuki and Intelligent Energy's collaboration, which resulted in the Suzuki Crosscage, a prototype hydrogen-fuelled oncept motorcycle.

From Oregon-based Brammo Motorsports comes the nertia Bike, a fully electric bike with a top speed of 50 mph and a range of 45 miles. It can fully recharge via a tandard plug in 3 hours. A standard model, said to be vailable soon, will cost USD 11,995.



trendwatching.com is an independent and opinionated consumer trends firm, relying on a global network of 8,000 spotters, working hard to deliver inspiration and pangs of anxiety to business professionals in 120+ countries worldwide.
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2009 VW Jetta Clean Diesel Wins!

Volkswagen’s 2009 Jetta becomes the first-ever clean diesel to win Green Car Journal’s Green Car of the Year honor, besting two hybrids, a gasoline microcar, and a clean diesel sports sedan.



2008 LA Auto Show: Green Car of the Year Award
2008 LA Auto Show: Green Car of the Year Award
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